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The CUA Alumni Association

The Catholic University of America Association was founded on October 1, 1895 with 88 members. In 1900 there were 211 members, and in 1927 the first alumni reunion was held in New York City. Since then, the CUA Alumni Association has grown dramatically in its scope and diversity. Today there are over 83,000 members of the Association in the U.S. and around the world.

The mission of the CUA Alumni Association is to engage alumni in promoting The Catholic University of America. Members of the Association are active in recruiting new students, participating in the Alumni Career Network, and leading local Chapters of the Association. Thousands of alumni return to campus every year for Cardinal Weekend, formerly known as Homecoming and Reunions Weekend.

If you have attended CUA for at least one semester, you are automatically a lifetime member of the CUA Alumni Association. As members of the Association, alumni enjoy several benefits including an online alumni directory, library borrowing privileges, campus bookstore discounts via email, and more.

Leadership of the CUA Alumni Association is vested in the Board of Governors and its Executive Committee. Board members, who represent more than 83,000 living alumni, come from a variety of geographic areas, class years, and degree programs.

Fall 2015 Meeting Minutes

Directory Corrections

Current Officers


Carrie A. Grundmayer
B.A. 1996



Rashaun Martin, B.A. 2001

President Elect


Scott Flesch
B.A. 1994, J.D. 1997

Vice President


Sheila Brennan Novak
B.A. 1984

Vice President


Rev. James Sabak, O.F.M.
B.A. 1985, M.A. 2003, Ph.D. 2012

National Chaplain


Current Board of Governors

Abby Banholzer, B.S.B.A. 2011, Boston, MA
Nicholas Berg, B.M.E. 2009, Hackettstown, NJ
C. Brendan Bohan, B.A. 1999, Mount Airy, MD
Phyllis Brala Bottegal, B.F.A. 1979, Silver Spring, MD
Mary Card-Mina, B.A. 1993, J.D. 1996, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Patricia Clark, B.A. 1980, West New York, NJ
Jacqueline Corbin-Armstrong, B.A. 1985, M.S.M. 2015, Washington, DC
Elisabeth Crooks, B.A. 1993, Carlisle, PA
Andrea DePinto, B.A. 2001, Silver Spring, MD
Brianne Donnelly, B.A. 2004, New York, NY
Dan Dougherty, B.S.C.E. 2001, Silver Spring, MD
Daniel Driscoll, B.A. 1986, South Bend, IN
William Ellis, B.E.E. 2002, M.S.E. 2004, M.E.E. 2005, Fort Washington, MD
Don Erickson, B.A. 1994, Silver Spring, MD
Scott Flesch, B.A. 1994, J.D. 1997, Oakton, VA
Kelsey Flynn, B.S.N. 2010, San Diego, CA
Rev. Matthew Foley, B.A. 2001, Baltimore, MD
Lisa Geis, B.A. 1988, Washington, DC
Robert Hay, B.A. 2004, M.A. 2004, Alexandria, VA
Rev. Kyle Ingels, B.A. 1999, Colorado Springs, CO
Carrie A. Grundmayer, B.A. 1996, Silver Spring, MD
Andrew Laux, B.S.Arch. 2012, Warwick, PA
Brett Malon, B.A. 1997, Chicago, IL
Rashaun Martin, B.A. 2001, East Boston, MA
Rebecca Freyvogel Mousseau, B.A. 2004, Pittsburgh, PA
Sheila Brennan Novak, B.A. 1984, Potomac, MD
Patrick Ortman, B.S.B.A. 2009, Orlando, FL
Ellen-Jane Pairo, B.A. 1964, Wheaton, MD
Christopher Pierno, B.A. 2011, Washington, DC
Marissa Pullano, B.A. 2004, Sound Beach, NY
Thomas Ruggieri, B.A. 1998, Evergreen Park, IL
Rev. James Sabak, O.F.M., B.A. 1985, M.A. 2003, Ph.D. 2012, Boston, MA
David Shableski, B.A. 1996, Mickleton, NJ
Carolyn Sponn, B.S.N. 2005, Columbia, MD
Joseph St. George, B.A. 2011, Richmond, VA
Kate St. Lawrence, B.A. 2005, M.S.W. 2007, Waltham, MA
Thomas Striegel, B.S.Arch. 1984, B.Arch. 1985, Kensington, MD
Tara Petrolino Sullivan, B.A. 2003, Hoboken, NJ
Jane Canter Tseronis, B.A. 1959, Silver Spring, MD
Kevin C. Walsh, B.A. 1985, Middletown, NJ
James Wyble, B.M.E. 1970, M.M.E. 1971, Potomac, MD

Past Presidents of the CUA Alumni Association

Lewis L. Guarnieri, L.L.B. 1918
Clarence E. Martin, L.L.B., 1899, L.L.M. 1901
Vincent L. Toomey, B.A. 1909, L.L.B. 1909
William H. Delacy, 1902
Frank W. Boyle, L.L.B. 1923
Frank A. Feild, B.S. Chem. E. 1915
Charles P. Maloney, B.S.C.E. 1913
Andrew P. Maloney, B.A. 1928
The Honorable Raymond A. DuFour, B.A. 1928, J.D. 1936
Nicholas J. Chase, Esq., B.A. 1933, M.A. 1934
James F. Kenney, B.A. 1942
John L. Schroeder, B.S. 1942
Francis P. McQuade, B.A. 1941, M.A. 1943, Ph.D. 1950
Francis G. DeBettencourt, B.A. 1948
Leo A. Daly, B.Arch. 1939
Edward L. McMahon, B.A. 1949
John F. Slowey, B.A. 1950
Henry V. Ratke, B.S. 1937
Robert F. Comstock, Esq., B.A. 1958, J.D. 1964
Rev. Msgr. Maurice T. Fox, B.A. 1958
Teresa Graumann Elliott, B.A. 1950, M.C.A. 1970
David A. Donohoe, Esq., B.A. 1959, J.D. 1962
Edward J. Scullen, B.Arch. E. 1942
Joseph V. Popolo, B.A. 1959, B.E.E. 1959, M.E.E. 1961
Dena C. Feeney, Esq., J.D. 1963
John R. Looney, B.E.E. 1956
Eugene F. Morrill, M.F.A. 1965
Emilie Deady, M.S.N. 1974
Edward J. Dwyer, Jr., B.A. 1986
David Hartke, B.S. Arch. 1982
Anthony Albence, B.A. 1993
Guillermo Garcia, B.A.1995
Thomas E. Zoeller, B.A. 1984
Rev. Frank Donio, S.A.C., B.A. 1989, M.A. 1993, D.Min. 2012

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