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Sean Padden, B.S. 1997, director of football operations at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa.


We asked this month's spotlight a few questions. Below are his answers.

AR: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

SP: I was born in Scranton, Pa., raised in Norristown, Pa., and am now a proud Philadelphian. 

AR: Can you tell us about your career path? How did you get started?

SP: I played [football] three years at Catholic. I told Coach Clark I wasn't going to play my senior year and asked him if he would reach out to the local high schools and see if I could help out there; I couldn't imagine an August without camp. To my surprise he offered me a
spot as a student assistant. I became hooked immediately: the recruiting, the preparation,
the chess match.

AR: What is it like to be the director of football operations for Temple University? What are your responsibilities?

SP: Being the DFO at Temple is the opportunity of a lifetime. Working for Coach Rhule and this administration at such an
exciting time for the university and this athletic department and in my hometown, I couldn't ask for more. My responsibilities
are varied. I joke that if something goes wrong outside the white lines, it's my fault. I handle the budget, our football facilities, travel, housing, player development, on-campus recruiting, serve as the liaison to academics, the training room, the equipment
room, the weight room, and anything else that comes up. I have a dedicated staff and we work hard so that the coaching staff
can focus on football.

AR: What are some challenges you face in your daily routine? What is a typical day at work like for you?

SP: The calendar drives the activity. There is no typical day; there are typical Januarys and typical Octobers but every month
is different. Each month has a different directive; currently I'm focused on summer session classes and preparations for
preseason camp. In August, we'll be in preseason camp and we'll be prepping for the opener at Notre Dame on 8/31.

AR: What is the most interesting event or person that you have come across in your line of work?

SP: The most interesting event was getting thumped by CUA in my first year at Albright College. I was torn up because we
had such a great team and had won our conference but was also proud of the steps my alma mater had taken in such a
short time. It's impossible to name a particular person. I've had the privilege of working for and with some of the greatest
coaches and people in the country. Matt Rhule, Geoff Collins, Bob Ford, Sean Ryan, John Butler, Tom Clark, Marty Favret,
and Ed Foley have all had great influence on my career and I try to apply the lessons and examples I learned from them
every day.

AR: When you are not working as the director of football operations, what do you like to do?

SP: I like to go to Phillies games, concerts, and spend time with friends and family.

AR: How did Catholic University prepare you for your current career? Any specific courses that you took or experiences you had while a student?

SP: I was an accounting major so many of those courses are applicable to my work handling the budget.

AR: Were there any specific University people who mentored you?

SP: Coach Clark was a mentor and I've long admired and looked up to former athletic director Bob Talbot. Drs. Raj Iyengar
and Themis Pantos were very patient with me; I was not a 4.0 accounting student.

AR: What clubs and organizations were you a part of, if any? How did they prepare you?

SP: I played football and rugby. Clearly my role in intercollegiate athletics has been greatly served by my experiences in
those sports. 

AR: Do you keep in touch with other friends or classmates from CUA? If so, how? Who in particular?

SP: Tons. I live right around the corner from Kevin McManmon, B.A. 1997, and Kate (Cappetta) McManmon, B.A. 1998.
Jason Barnes, B.A. 1997, and Honora Moore Barnes, B.A. 1997; Tom Ragusa, B.A. 1998; Joe McKenzie, B.A. 1997, and
Kristen (Toomey) McKenzie, B.A. 1997; and Brian Curran, B.A. 1997, are all in Philly and I keep in touch with. Some I don't
see as often but call or text often, like Sean Barrett, B.S.N. 1998; Joanne Danca, B.A. 1997; and Keith Pokrywa, B.A. 1997.

AR: What is one of your favorite memories of your time at Catholic University?

SP: I cannot tell a lie: St. Patrick's Day. 


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